Having completed their training today (5th September, 2016) at the ICOBI Offices in Kabwohe, Sheema, Community Health Extension Workers (CHEWs) have been commissioned and are to begin Conducting HIV Testing & Counselling (HTC)in 32 parishes of Sheema & near by Parishes.

65 in number, the CHEWs received skills of conducting HTC, kits,gloves, biohazard bags, lancets and t-shirts. The program is to last 6 months beginning September 2016. A previous stint of the CHEWs project conducted HTC on 41,600 people with 60 CHEWs. We hope this new stint will hit our target of 50,000.

The CHEWs will assist the ICOBI DoArt Project EnrollmentsĀ and boost our targets for RHITES and CHPFA projects


ICOBI Executive Director Dr. Stephen Asiimwe Handing out materials to CHEWs during their pass out. B


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