ICOBI also implements its projects by utilizing the expertise of other organizations, as well as utilizing cooperative agreements and contracts to chieve results that contribute to the organizations goals. In addition to partnering directly with other organizations to accomplish specific objectives, ICOBI collaborates and coordinates with other organizations in the field to maximize the effectiveness of its projects. Our implementing partners include:


Kabwohe Clinical Research Center (KCRC)

Kabwohe Clinical Research Center (KCRC)is a research, development, and testing center in the western part of Uganda.The center offers care and support services to persons living with HIV. The center is also involved in research and HIV prevention activities in the western part of Uganda.


ankoleDiocese of West Ankole
The Diocese of West Ankole is one of the 31 Dioceses in the Anglican Province of the Church of Uganda. It offers different services to people in its coverage.


bmcBushenyi Medical Center (BMC)

Bushenyi Medical Center (BMC) is a health center located in the Bushenyi district. The center offers care and support for HIV Infected persons and offers inpatient/outpatient services to the local community.


tasoTASO Uganda

TASO stands for The AIDS Support Organization. It is an indigenous HIV/AIDS service organisation in Uganda founded in 1987 by Noerine Kaleeba and 15 other colleagues some of whom have now passed away due to AIDS.The founding of TASO was based on people that were unified by common experiences faced when encountering HIV/AIDS at a time of high stigma, ignorance and discrimination.